I started anees.com to publish my knowledge about Nuclear and Electro-Optics technology and other researches. I also worked on determining the opportunities, and engineering challenges that is my passion. My focus is also on other related events like intelligently controlled phenomena unexplained so far.

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Some of the research work and my publications:

The Power of Light

By: Dr. Anees Date: 16 Sept 2016

Light is just one portion of the various electromagnetic waves flying through space. The electromagnetic spectrum covers an extremely broad range, from radio waves with wavelengths of a meter or more, down to x-rays with wavelengths of less than a billionth of a meter.


How Light Behaves

By: Dr. Anees Date: 20 Nov 2016

Light reflecting off of a polished or mirrored surface obeys the law of reflection: the angle between the incident ray and the normal to the surface is equal to the angle between the reflected ray and the normal.