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Publication of Research Papers

Anees.com is an information bank in the rigorous scientific investigation of Nuclear and Electro-Optics technology and other events and evidence related to intelligently controlled phenomena unexplained so far.

This portal is all about determining the constraints, limitations, opportunities, and engineering challenges of Electro-Optics technology and making this free source of nature more useful in industrial applications. We try to provide accurate and reliable information on unexplained phenomena of optical propagation and nuclear energy.

This portal published many research papers, some of them are listed below:

What is Light The Power of Light How Light Behaves Manipulating Light Light Sources Principles of Light Measurement Measurement Geometries Setting Up an Optical Bench

If you require any more information of the discussed and published papers, you are most welcome to contact us. More research work will be posted with the passage of time so visit again for latest updates.